The State of Smart Home Technology in New Zealand

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Smart home technology is taking off in New Zealand, and the number of Kiwis who own or are interested in having a smart home is growing every day. Smart home technology allows you to automate your home and to control it from your mobile phone or tablet, giving you the ability to program and monitor your home’s temperature, lighting, entry access, security, and much more.

Smart Home Adoption Rates in New Zealand

Recent studies show that New Zealanders are increasingly adopting smart home technology in their homes. According to the GfK research company, more than 40% of Kiwis have already invested in smart home devices, such as Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, security systems, and lighting systems. This number is expected to continue to grow, as uptake in smart home technology has been growing steadily year on year.

Popular Smart Home Products in New Zealand

The most popular type of smart home technology currently on the market in New Zealand is the ‘smart speaker’, most notably the Amazon Echo. The Echo is a voice-activated device designed to respond to voice commands, allowing users to ask questions and control their home’s lights, music and other functions. Additionally, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, lighting systems and security systems are becoming increasingly popular, as are smart home hubs, which allow users to integrate multiple devices and control them from a single app.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology can provide a range of benefits to homeowners in New Zealand, such as:

  • Convenience: Smart home technology can simplify everyday tasks like checking the temperature, turning on the lights, or unlocking the door.
  • Security: Smart home technology can help to protect your home, with features like motion sensors, security cameras, and alarm systems.
  • Savings: Smart thermostats can help you to save money by enabling you to adjust your home’s temperature according to your schedule.

Smart home technology can also be used to help people live a healthier lifestyle, with features like air quality monitors and automated reminders for taking medication.


Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand, with more and more Kiwis investing in devices such as smart speakers, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, security systems and lighting systems. Smart home technology offers a range of benefits, from convenience and security, to energy-efficiency savings and improved health. Whether you’re considering investing in smart home tech for your home, or you’re already a smart home enthusiast, New Zealand is the place to be for up-to-date technology and innovation.

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