The State of Pet-Friendly Hotels in New Zealand

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If you’re an animal lover visiting New Zealand, you’ll want to know the best places to stay with your furry friends in tow. Pet-friendly hotels in New Zealand are becoming increasingly popular, offering travelers a more convenient way to explore the north and south islands with their four-legged companions. Here’s what you should know about the current state of pet-friendly hotels in New Zealand.

Location & Availability

Accommodation options for travelers with pets vary greatly depending on the location. Pet-friendly hotels in Auckland and Christchurch can be found in abundance, while other areas of New Zealand may not have as many options. Those looking to stay at pet-friendly hotels in Queenstown, Wellington, or the Bay of Islands are advised to book ahead, as their options may be more limited. Some areas may also have specific restrictions on the types of pets allowed.


Pet-friendly hotels in New Zealand generally provide basic amenities for your pet’s stay. These typically include beds, bowls, and snacks. Most hotels also provide outdoor space for exercising and playing. Some hotels may even offer doggy day care services, as well as grooming and spa treatments.


The cost of pet-friendly hotels in New Zealand can vary greatly depending on the location and amenities. Expect to pay more for pet-friendly hotels located in central city locations. On the other hand, those staying in more rural areas may find prices to be more affordable.

In addition, most hotels also charge a fee per pet per night. This can range from as low as NZ$10 to as high as NZ$50. It’s important to ask about the pet policy and fees before booking your stay.

Other Considerations

When booking a pet-friendly hotel in New Zealand, there are a few other factors to consider.

Size Restrictions: While some hotels have no size restrictions, other hotels may only accept dogs of a certain size or weight.

Noise Levels: As pet owners, it’s important to consider how your pet may be disruptive to other guests. If your pet is known to bark too much, you may want to opt for pet-friendly hotels that aren’t in the middle of a populated area.

Cleaning Fees: Some pet-friendly hotels may charge additional cleaning fees. Be sure to ask about this beforehand.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Hotels

There are numerous benefits to staying at pet-friendly hotels in New Zealand, including:

  • Convenience – Having your pet nearby makes traveling much more convenient.
  • Companionship – The companionship of a pet can help reduce stress and anxiety during travel.
  • Socialization – Bringing your pet along to a pet-friendly hotel can help them become more socialized and better adapted to their surroundings.
  • Affordability – Staying at pet-friendly hotels can often be cheaper than kenneling your pet.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in New Zealand

Looking for pet-friendly accommodation in New Zealand? Here are a few places to get you started:

  • Auckland Coast Suites – Located in Auckland’s city centre and offering luxurious accommodation along with pet-friendly amenities.
  • Otago Hotel – Located in Dunedin, this pet-friendly property offers a variety of rooms and suites with stunning views of the city and harbour area.
  • Queenstown Luxury Apartments – Situated in Queenstown, this pet-friendly apartment complex offers stunning views of the mountains and lake.
  • Christchurch Motel – This cozy, pet-friendly motel is located in the heart of Christchurch and offers a charming and comfortable stay.

As you can see, the state of pet-friendly hotels in New Zealand is strong, offering plenty of options for travelers with animals. With the right research, you can find a hotel that fits your needs and budget. So, don’t hesitate to bring your furry friends along for your next New Zealand getaway.

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