The State of Pet-Friendly Festivals and Events in New Zealand

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In New Zealand, an increasing number of festivals and events are beginning to include pet-friendly options, so that animal lovers can bring their furry friends along to experience the fun. Across the country, locals and visitors alike are recognizing the advantages of attending pet-friendly events in NZ, and are making the most of the occasions.

Pet-Friendly Events in NZ

The number of pet-friendly events hosted in New Zealand is steadily increasing, meaning more and more opportunities for pet owners to enjoy fun activities with their furry friends. In 2020, events like Doggie Dash and the Great NZ Dog Walk gave pet owners the chance to bond with their four-legged friends and meet like-minded people.

In Auburn Bay, Auckland, the Pawfect Picnic provided pet owners with an amazing spot for a picnic with their pooches, complete with activities like doggy dress-ups and a doggy pool. Similarly, the Good Dog Festival in Upper Hutt was a great way for pet owners to celebrate the connection they share with their pets.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Festivals and Events

Not only are pet-friendly festivals and events fun, but they come with several unique benefits. Bringing pets along can make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable, and gives animals the chance to socialize and explore.

  • Increased Socialization: When attending pet-friendly events, pets get the chance to socialize with other animals and make new friends.
  • Calming and Stress-Relieving: Spending time with pets is proven to help reduce stress and can be very calming, making the festival experience much more enjoyable.

Pet-friendly events also provide pet owners with the opportunity to bond with their pets and show them love. With activities like dog agility courses, dog dancing, and doggy pools, pet owners can show their pets how much they care, while the animals get to let their energy out and have lots of fun.

Pet-Friendly Tips and Guidelines

Organizers of pet-friendly events will usually provide attendees with some tips and guidelines to help keep pets safe and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

  • Pet owners should make sure their animals are socialized with other animals and people for a better experience.
  • Pets should always be on a leash, and pet owners should bring treats for their animals for positive reinforcement.
  • Owners should always keep an eye on their pets and watch their behavior around others.
  • Pets should be properly vaccinated and cared for before attending a pet-friendly event.

Finally, pet owners should make sure they clean up after their animals, so that the area stays clean and everybody can enjoy the pet-friendly experience.


In conclusion, pet-friendly festivals and events are becoming more and more popular in New Zealand, providing pet owners with a great way to bond with their furry friends in a fun and safe environment. However, it is important to remember that pet owners should always adhere to the tips and guidelines provided by the event organizers to ensure that everybody has an enjoyable and safe experience.

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